You can make your furniture come alive when you use fabric paint to create furnishings that look brand new. If you are tired of using an old blanket to cover your faded sofa, try using this new, innovative fabric paint. Your sofa takes on a completely new appearance after you spray it with the color or colors of your choice, and everyone is sure to think that you just purchased a brand new piece of expensive furniture. The price you pay for fabric paint does not equal even a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy a new couch, and the paint is not just a temporary solution. 

This product creates permanent colors on your favorite armchair and couch, and you can even use it to change the colors of your rugs. Think about all the money that you save when you decide to paint your furnishings instead of replacing them with new and overly expensive furniture. If you are thinking about throwing out an upholstered chair, you might want to reconsider your decision because you are only going to spend a great deal of money buying a new chair at an expensive furniture store.Instead, try using environmentally friendly fabric spray paint that is completely non-toxic to your children and your pets. You can even use this paint to change the color of your blankets, sheets and decorative pillows. The paint dries quickly, and you are sure to find that it is convenient to use because there is no mess.