Use tie dye upholstery fabric paint to save money when you want to redecorate the living room or family room in your home to give it a funky retro or modern look. You can magically alter your favorite sofa or easy chair instead of buying new furnishings when you use this handy paint. Dye your favorite blue couch to a sparkling lavender color, or a pattern featuring multiple colors, and create an entirely different décor. 

You do not need to hire an interior decorator when you have the ability to remodel your home in this affordable and easy way. Fabric paint completely dries in a short amount of time, usually no longer than three days. Don't worry about buying any kind of special, industrial strength soap in order to get this paint off your hands because it comes off with the same ordinary soap you already use to wash your hands. Our paint comes with detailed instructions and helpful hints about how to apply it in a professional manner in order to achieve the best results. 

Buy a leather chair at a yard sale for a couple of dollars and use this paint to make it look brand new. You can redecorate any room in your home that features upholstery furnishings by using this simple and easy to use fabric paint, and your children can join in the fun because this type of paint is non-toxic. Your family is sure to enjoy creating new and vibrant colors, and the best part is that you do not need to spend a fortune to create the desired effects.