Do you frequently look around your living room and wonder why your furniture is so boring? Do you dislike the way your furniture fits in with your home's decor? Are you having problems with fading furniture from sitting to much in the light? Is your furniture's color looking worn from years of use? If this is the case, and you want the look of new furniture without the high cost of buying new, we can help! Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint may be just the solution you are looking for.

You can save a heap of money by using Fabric Paint to improve, retouch, or even completely design the color of existing furniture in your home. A simple process may be able to completely revamp your home, drawing compliments and envy from friends who may not even realize it is the same chair or couch you had last week! You can also use the paint to create a patterned or art motif on your furniture, making your furniture the central focal point of a room while showing off your artistic skills. You can create a couch pattern or art using inspiration from photos of other similar projects, or come up with something completely unique you invented yourself.

For some inspiration and further thoughts on how to do this, check out an article on Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint and see for yourself what you can do with just a little bit of money, time, and a vision for new looking furniture!