Do you have a comfortable chair you love but are tempted to throw out because you don't like the color or it is faded or no longer matches the decor of your house? Are you sick of slipping and sliding over stairs that have no grip? Are you finding that your appliances no longer match, but don't want to have to splurge for new ones? If so, Fabric Paint may be exactly what you are looking for!

Things You Never Thought You Could Paint - 7 Ideas is a fantastic resource on how to use Fabric Paint to improve the look of your home. By using textured paint, or paint of difference colors, you can improve a worn surface, texture a smooth one, or completely change the color to something that is new and pleasing to the eye! It will also tell you how you can use enamel paints to rehab and change the look of surfaces you might never thing you could, like faucets, sink handles, toasters and other items. It even goes over how to use stains to get your beat up or old wood furniture looking like it just came out of a showroom! Using methods like this, you can rehab all sorts of surfaces- cloth, metal, wood, even plastic! You will never have to helplessly look at the furniture in your room again and despair over the cost of having to replace it because it's no longer aesthetic- instead, you can simply buy some paint and touch it up to get it looking beautiful!

Don't wait any longer or take a look at it- see for yourself today the difference some paint can make by reading Things You Never Thought You Could Paint - 7 Ideas!