Customer Reviews on Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is a great alternative to buying new furniture for people who want to restore their older furniture, or who are looking for a different look. Many people end up with furniture that they have had for some time, or possibly that they get used from somewhere else. Often, that furniture does not match the other decorations within their home or business. At that point, there are usually only three options: buy new furniture, which can be a very expensive option, re-upholster, which can also be very expensive, or slap on a cover of some sort. The cover is always the cheapest option, but doesn't look quite as good as the other options.

Enter the newest and most affordable option on the market. Fabric paint. This special paint is designed only for use on all fabric types, is non-toxic, and sticks very well to the fabric unlike any other type of paint. The major benefit to this type of paint is obviously the ability to change the color of any type of furniture to whatever color desired, quickly and permanently. Instant customization, without the hassle of possibly ruining your expensive furniture or the high cost of re-upholstery or buying new furniture.

Another great use for fabric paint, is to change the color of the upholstery in your vehicle. Our vehicles typically aren't very customizable when it comes to the inside. Also, after years of being in direct sunlight, the color on our car seats tends to fade quite dramatically. This special paint can help that instantly.

There are many uses for this paint, and many reasons why one should choose it over completely re-upholstering or buying new.
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