Fabric paint is a wonderful innovation that has really changed how people have looked at fabric over the past few years. Old furniture with faded fabric no longer has to be thrown away or reupholstered, you can just change the color to bring it back to life. The same can be done with car seats that have faded due to the sun

Although these were the intended uses for such paints there are so many other things you can use them for. Those old faded canvas sneakers can be made to look new again or you could buy a pair of plain white canvas sneakers and brighten them up with any color you choose. How about those old drab sheer curtains that have been hanging in the window for years and have turned a decidedly light shade of grey? Why not use fabric paint to give them a slight hue that matches the color of the room.

There is absolutely no reason to buy new when you can use a quality fabric paint to bring anything you want that is fabric back to life. It's not expensive and it can be a lot of fun for you and the family. You can change the color of your bed linen to match the color of your new room or give that plain white chair a little bit of color to set off the dining room.

There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to changing the color of anything fabric. From small throw rugs to knit golf club covers you can bring anything fabric back to life or just change the color to suite your style.