There are some lesser-known ways you can transform your apartment with just a few cans of fabric paint. These quick spray painting crafts to redecorate your apartment are fun and really quite easy.

The bedroom is an excellent place to try this. We can start with that boring, old duvet cover youve had since you moved out of your parents house to live on your own. Ill bet you didnt know you could give your bedroom a whole new look by painting that duvet a different color, or perhaps stenciling a pattern on it with fabric paint. After youre done with the duvet or bedspread, you can move onto those throw pillows next. Maybe paint them a contrasting color to compliment the new duvet. You could paint the lamp shade and curtains, too.

These quick fabric painting crafts are a great way to redecorate any room in your home without spending much money. You will be recycling your old linens and furnishings, while letting your creativity flow. Maybe you want a new table cloth but cant afford to spend big bucks on it. Just head out to the thrift store, purchase a cheap one and paint it! You just created a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. Or maybe you have a table cloth that got stained from coffee or red wine. Just paint over it! It will look better than it did when it was new. Fabric spray is a great way to let your kids create keepsakes, too. They will love knowing you are using their artwork every day.