Sometimes we may see a new color combination we had not thought of before, and our mind takes a trip to new color possibilities in our home. On a whimsical fancy, we decide we want to try something new and different, but we realize our budget just won’t allow a whole redo. The practical solution to the problem of how to satisfy our whimsy on minimal finances is to use a spray it new fabric paint on an upholstered chair, pillows, sofa or any fabric piece in the room. Using Simply Spray Upholstery Paint lets you explore new color possibilities in a quick economical method instead of more costly reupholstering.

The easy-to-use fabric paint is nontoxic and nonflammable so it is safe to use around children, and it doesn’t come off on clothes. The paint allows the absorbent fabric to remain soft and does not change the way the fabric feels. You will not have trouble with colors fading because it has UV protection. The spray it new fabric paint comes in a variety of colors that will appeal to your decorating sense. You will need to choose a color darker than your piece, as you cannot go lighter in color. The eight ounce aerosol cans have a trigger mechanism that makes spraying easy. It is probably easiest if you take your project outside and spray in repeated light coats. Wait time between coats is short, usually 30 minutes, and within 72 hours you have a new color ready to install in your room.

Reupholstering can require a lengthy time, making arrangements for pickup and delivery and make a big hit on your decorating budget. With Simply Spray Upholstery Paint, you are not locked into a decision on color. Your old chair or sofa is still in good shape—it can just take on a new life in a new color.