Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

While your tastes in decorating may evolve, some furnishings seem to last forever. When it becomes time for an overhaul in a living space, sofas, loveseats and chairs are often the first to go. That is an expensive proposition many simply cannot afford. Refinishing furniture with upholstery fabric paint is economical and a fast way to make a quick change. You can even see the results within minutes instead of waiting weeks for a professional to finish putting new fabric in place.

Those patterns and colors that were once the star of your living space can get old in a hurry. Simply Spray paint options include applications for fabrics, leathers and vinyl. Even novices will find the spray-on colors easy to apply. Furnishing just beginning to show a little wear will also look new again. Simply Spray can really take any upholstered piece from drab to fab.

With a few tips to get started, you can change the look of any piece. Darker colors may still show through if trying to lighten but can create a pleasing effect if adding another equally dark shade. Lighter fabrics and subdued patterns make the transformation best. After the recommended drying time, materials should remain flexible and soft.

Limited budgets mean getting creative when it comes to refinishing furniture with upholstery fabric paint. On a whim or as part of a full home revitalization, changing upholstery colors is a fun way to express your personality while coordinating colors throughout each room. The possibilities are endless in creating pieces to match. Begin with a chair, spray paint a lounger and give that garage find new life that will fit in with your other treasured pieces. As a complete update inside, you may even want to create matching draperies, accent pillows and comforters. Upholstery spray lets you do that in a snap.

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