Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors for Auto Interior and Furniture

Nothing's worse than getting in a vehicle that was once clean and new, only to see the seats covered in stains and mess. Who wants to sit on that? Unfortunately, it's expensive to replace the upholstery and requires a long period where the car is out of use. But what if it were possible to grab a can of spray paint and simply Spray It New? 

No more do you have to look at ugly coffee stains and mud smears on your car's or truck's seats. It's as easy as buying a can of fabric paint and spraying all those nasty stains away. Don't endure dirty seats any longer. Give them a whole new look with just the press of a button!

For thousands of dollars less than the cost of a re-upholstering job you can change the color and look of your vehicle right at home. If tan bores you, lighten things up with something brighter! With a wide range of colors to choose from, you'll never have to feel confined by someone else's tastes. Pick exactly what suits you!

In about an hour and with no more than a dozen cans of fabric paint, you can turn that once-black gray into a vibrant red or lush green. It dries quickly and looks entirely natural, so no one will suspect anything at all but a brand new coat of fabric. You can even get creative and mix colors for a two-tone "classic car" feel for far, far less than it would cost to re-upholster in that style.

Perhaps best of all our fabric paints are safe and non-toxic. No harmful dyes or propellants are used, so the paint is acceptable to use where kids or pets may sit. The only thing that changes is your upholstery color, not the smell and air in your car. Use it with confidence!

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