Upholstery fabric paint can change old furniture into new, and some tips may help someone get started. Individuals can follow these tips to achieve the desired look for their old furniture by using upholstery fabric paint.

To ensure that the paint is the desired color, an individual should test the paint on a small area first. By doing a test, the individual can check to see how well the paint absorbs into the fabric as well. Some materials such as cotton will absorb the paint better than others will, and some colors will work better than others will as well. For instance, a lighter color fabric can easily be changed to a darker color, but a darker color fabric might be harder to paint.

Before using upholstery fabric paint, some preparations will need to be done. The work area will need to be covered to protect the floor since this is permanent paint. However, if some paint were to get on other items, be sure to wash the item before the paint dries to prevent it from becoming a permanent part of the item. 

The nozzle tip on the paint will need to be cleaned between each use to ensure a good flow. This can be checked by turning the can upside down and spraying out a small amount to clear the nozzle. The used cans of paint will need to be stored properly to protect the paint. 

When using upholstery fabric paint, the trigger will need to be pulled back and pressure applied while spraying. Be sure to maintain the pressure on the trigger without pumping the trigger. The paint will need to be applied a few inches away from the fabric. The project may require several light coats of paint to achieve the best look. Once the fabric is completely covered, it should be allowed to dry for several days before washing the fabric. Check out our Hints & Tips page if you have any additional questions about using our paint.