Old furniture, carpet and other types of fabrics can be easily rejuvenated by using upholstery fabric paint. Fabric paint can also be used to change the color of fabrics such as linens, vehicle interiors and clothing. Instead of simply throwing away objects, upholstery fabric paint can be used to give textiles new life so that they can continue to be used in a variety of ways. When using upholstery fabric paint, it is important to keep a few things in mind. One of the main things to know is that upholstery fabric paint works best for changing colors on objects when it is used for changing lighter colors to a darker or deeper shade. 

Using upholstery fabric paint is also safe to do indoors, as it has a mild scent that most people find to be pleasant. People who are sensitive to smells might prefer to have some windows open in order to provide ventilation when using the paint. The paint can also be used on both in and outdoor materials provided that they can absorb water. Also, it will not fade in the sun and is therefore excellent for use on items such as lawn chairs, umbrellas and canopies. It is important to note that once an object has been sprayed with upholstery fabric paint, fabric softeners should no longer be used because they can break down the pigments in the paint and cause fading to occur. 

For people who would like to create designs on their furniture and carpets, stencils can be used along with the paint as well. When spraying the fabric paint, it is also important to note that the spray mechanism works by pulling back towards the user, as opposed to pushing down. This gives the user better control over the spraying process and allows for better coverage. For refreshing used fabrics and adding a splash of color, upholstery fabric paint is an easy to use method that will provide excellent results.