The current economic situation has not stopped recent college graduates from wanting to strike out on their own. Establishing a comfortable home with limited funds requires a great deal of creativity. Upholstery fabric paint is just one tool that young adults should keep handy when furnishing their new apartments.

Couches are very popular items at secondhand stores because they are incredibly cheap if one is able to transport them home. A used couch is a good investment because it can be purchased and then restored for far less than the cost of a new couch of lesser quality. One or two coats of upholstery fabric paint can transform a well-worn couch into a bright new piece of furniture. Pieces from disparate sets can be painted to match each other. Unusual color schemes can be achieved with uniformity. The paint can even be used on curtains and throw pillows. Young people on budgets can create their own custom living room sets for relatively little money.

This upholstery fabric paint is completely non-toxic and easy to use. It enables one to make an old piece of furniture suitable for everyday use without having to invest time and money in a reupholstering project. It increases the value of old furniture, especially if matching pieces have also been painted. Woodworkers can easily expand their skill sets to include cushioned and fully upholstered pieces by using this paint. 

Many people avoid used furniture because they worry that the fabric parts have absorbed stains and smells. Upholstery paint can be used to cover up all of these signs of wear. New stains can simply be covered up with more paint; using the paint on the entirety of a piece and then keeping a spare paint can for emergencies virtually guarantees that the owner of the furniture will never have to live with unsightly stains on her living room couch or chairs.