Having to replace an entire patio set can be a costly experience, especially if the reason for the replacement is something as simple as the cushions, padding, or coverings have faded. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is currently available in thirteen colors, and can be easily and effectively used to save the appearance of patio furniture. 

Rather than taking hours to select and recover patio furniture, using this outdoor furniture fabric paint is as simple as choosing a color and spraying. Not only is this paint easy to use, but it has plenty of other positive attributes, as well. The paint will dry completely in 72 hours, and does not face with washing. Use of other design work like iron on patches and appliques will not harm the color, and though covered in paint, the fabric will still feel soft when touched or sat on. 

Coming in a multitude of colors, this outdoor furniture fabric paint gives those using it the freedom to change colors at will. This paint also allows the opportunity to restore even the oldest, most faded fabrics to stunning, like new quality. With no need for heat setting, in as little as 30 minutes any piece of upholstery will have absorbed the new color. No other equipment is needed aside from the spray can, and the process is much simpler than having to sew new pieces. 

The affordability of this product is also another aspect that makes it a more ideal solution that completely replacing outdoor furniture. As climate and weather are much different depending on location, trying to combat the fading of furniture in the sun is a very time consuming effort, and once this paint has been applied to the furniture, this process will slow significantly. As long as the fabric or material that this paint is applied to is absorbent, the Spray It New color will be true and long lasting.