As your carpets age and experience years of foot traffic their appearance tends to decline due to fading, wearing and staining from food or beverages. While you could replace the carpets that are showing their age, this can be expensive and time consuming, even if you seek the assistance of professionals. An alternative method of repair, fabric painting, is available to revive your old and worn carpets to look like new again. 

With Simply Spray, you only need to spray the carpet where the wear or stains are and its appearance is restored to how it is supposed to look. You can also use a different color or shade or change the entire look of your carpet without investing in a new one to keep up with the décor in your room. Each individual can of Simply Spray contains eight ounces. The number of cans you will need for your revitalization project will depend on how large the carpet you intend to modify is. 

This method of fabric painting isn’t limited to restoring your carpet to how it used to look. You can also use stencils or patterns to create unique designs on your carpet that you can’t find in stores anywhere. There are additional benefits to using Simply Spray including the fact that the product doesn’t use CFCs and is non-toxic. This means you can use it and be around your children or pets safely without concern. 

As with any project that modifies how your furniture or carpets look, it is best to only buy a little bit at first to test how it will look after it dries in an area that is hidden when. This ensures you’re content with the final appearance, especially because different materials and colors will respond differently to each shade of the fabric painting spray.