If you have carpets, upholstery or other types of fabric around your home that could use some refreshing, then upholstery fabric paint is a perfect option that is long lasting and easy to use. When using the fabric paint, the first thing you will need to do is to select the material that needs to be refreshed. Upholstery fabric paint can be used on almost any material, but it works best when turning a later shade of a color to a deeper shade. Once you have selected your fabric, you will need to determine what color you will be using to paint. As long as you are darkening the shade, it is possible to use a completely different color. 

Next, you will want to remove the material from any parts that you do not want to paint. If the material is difficult to remove from other surfaces such as metal, then you will want to cover those areas with painter’s tape or plastic in order to protect them. The fabric paint will wash off of other surfaces, but it may take some time. If you get paint on your skin, it can be removed with soap and water. Once you are ready to paint, you can begin your project either indoors or outdoors. If you are working indoors, you may want to open a few windows in order to get some ventilation. Actually using the spray is very simple. All you have to do is pull back on the trigger, and it will spray onto the material.

 For best results, spray the upholstery fabric paint lightly in several layers until you achieve the desired effect. If you are spraying a shirt or other type of clothing, it will work best if a piece of cardboard is inserted between the two layers of fabric. Finally, let your project air dry for at least 72 hours before using it in order to prevent any fading or rubbing off of the paint. For clothing, be sure to wash the item separately the first time, and never use fabric softener in subsequent washings. Enjoy your newly revitalized furniture, and have fun making old items around your home new again.