Spray Your Couch With Upholstery Fabric Paint

Holding on to used furniture can be cost-effective. Although we live in a society which pushes us to always have the newest products, we also live in an economy where this is not necessarily financially feasible. Upholstered furniture can often take on stains and wear that makes it too unappealing to use, even if it is still in good enough shape to use. If you have an upholstered couch or chair that is just absolutely hideous but still perfectly comfortable, you should consider ways to spruce it up instead of just chucking it to the sidewalk. One way to do this is with upholstery spray paint. Simply Spray is a spray paint designed specifically for upholstered furniture. Simply Spray can transform those dingy, worn-looking chairs into seemingly brand new seats. It goes right over the fabric that is already on your chairs, covering up stains and evening out faded places. It will not wash out if it gets wet and it will not rub off when you sit on it. It also does not reek, so no one will know that you spray painted your upholstery at all. This is a much cheaper alternative to, say, completely reupholstering your furniture and it definitely beats having to buy a whole new chair or seating set. Obviously neutral colored furniture such as white or beige will be the easiest to color. If you have more extravagantly colored furniture, you need to take into consideration how the color of the upholstery will mix with the furniture spray. Certain colors do not go together and if you are not careful you could end up with the original color still visible beneath the spray. You also have to be sure that you can use an entire spray can at once because they are not designed to be used more than once or twice. Once you are done you will have what appears to be a brand new set of furniture that is just as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable to sit in.

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