Accent your furniture with Spray it New!

I’m just guessing that if you’ve ever thought about fabric and paint in the same sentence, you’ve also thought about the appropriate punishment for when your child has taken a can of acrylic to your family couch. But there are other worlds of possibilities out there to explore…

Spray it New’s products are like stumbling into another universe of options. Their paint products are affordable, non toxic, and most of all in my case, easy to use. At this point, I’ve used Spray it New to ‘reupholster’ several pieces of furniture in my increasingly finely appointed home!

Take my mostly untouched ottoman. You might think any damage or stains it had suffered would come from feet, right? Wrong. It had started off as lilac and had recently become plum polka dot thanks to my decision to set my wine glass on it while I ran back to the kitchen to check on my microwave meal.

One can of Spray it New later and my ottoman was colored just like new!

Or take my, until recently, monstrously ugly couch. I bought it on a budget off of Craigslist and definitely got what I paid for. The upholstery was a pattern that looked like those dresses made out of curtains in the Sound of Music. Embarrassing, right? Well, not anymore! A couple of cans of Spray it New later and my couch not only finally matches my ottoman, but gets compliments from all my houseguests to boot!

My favorite use for Spray it New has got to be on my carpet. I’ve always had monochrome carpet that’s a single swath of color. Imagine all the possibilities I thought of when I saw that it encourages you to use stencils to create design patters on your carpet and furniture fabric!

Now my home is full of accents and flourishes. Everything from my carpet to my couches all have their own unique splashes of personality and flair. Thank you Spray it New!

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