Why Pay for New Furniture?

Picture this; you look around your family room, and notice that the furniture is tired and outdated, stained and faded. It's embarrassing to entertain family and friends and you yearn to purchase new furniture, but there is always something more important that comes up. You wonder if you will ever be able to get fresh and clean modern furniture that you can be proud of. 

Simply spray is an incredible product that allows you to reinvent your tired old furniture into something that is modern, up to date that will bring your room back to life. It is fast and easy to use and most importantly, it is safe for children and pets! 

The uses for Simply Spray are virtually limitless, it is such a versatile product, that it can be used just about anywhere; furniture, leather or fabric, carpets or even a lampshade, you can change your decor anytime and in any way you choose and all at a price you can afford! You can change your colors every day of the week if you choose! 

Is your outdoor furniture looking a bit faded and weather worn? Simply Spray can breathe new life into it! Choose whatever color you want and create a whole new look to your patio! its just that easy!

Never has it been this easy and this affordable to get new looking furniture! Own a boat but don't like the upholstery? Change it with Simply Spray! You spend a lot of time at work, looking at the same cubical walls day after day can leave you feeling tired and drained. Spice up your cubical with Simply Spray and you'll look forward to going to work everyday! You are limited only by your own imagination! 

whether you want to reinvent your entire home or just one piece, you will be ecstatic with the results!

Eco Friendly Fabric Paint

If you have been wanting a new look for some of your tired old furniture or anything that is made of fabric is starting to get that faded look you have probably been wondering what your options are. Naturally there is the option of spending quite a lot of money and replacing the fabric by having it professionally re-upholstered or recovered, or even by buying brand new furniture. However, you also have the option of using Fabric Paint to generate an entirely new look without the major financial outlay. 

Products like Simply Spray are non toxic and non flammable, and they are also eco-friendly since they are not the old fashioned aerosol spray cans. These cans use nitrogen propulsion to deliver the Fabric Paint and thus are much better for the environment and are safe to use around anyone including children and animals. Since it is not dangerous to use and is eco-friendly fabric paint, it can be utilized inside if needed! 

Simply Spray can be used quickly and easily and simply involves spraying the contents of the can onto the fabric you want to revitalize. It can be used on just about any fabric including table linens, furniture, pillows, clothing, or curtains. The only real limit in the use of this type of product is your own imagination: It can be used to totally revamp your decor if you want to! This is a much less expensive and easier method for getting a brand new look for some old things.


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