Spray That Old Couch New

When your couch gets old and worn out, it can really make your entire living room look bad. However, new furniture is expensive, and most people don't have the extra money in their budget to purchase a new couch or living room set when they have other bills to worry about. Having your couch reupholstered is one option, but it can be very expensive, and sofa covers have the tendency to fit incorrectly and to get wrinkled and messy very easily.

Instead of trying these methods, why not give something new a chance? You can always purchase sofa paint to repaint your sofa instead of replacing or reupholstering it, and you will be shocked by how good your sofa will look after it has been painted.

Whether your couch is made of leather, upholstery or vinyl, you can use couch paint to make it look like new again. One thing that is so excited about couch paint is the fact that it comes in a huge variety of colors. Whether you are looking to paint your couch in a neutral color or if you want to make it really stand out with a bright color, you can find sofa paint in a color that you will love.

One thing that is great about sofa paint is the fact that you can give your sofa a new look anytime that you want to without having to spend a fortune. If you decide to redecorate your living room, you no longer have to worry about your sofa matching your new decor -- if it doesn't match, simply spray it with specially-made paint to make it fit right in.

If you are ready to give your couch a fresh look with couch paint, try Simply Spray's line of products. Not only can you paint your sofa, but you can paint your chairs and other upholstery to match as well.

Why Pay for New Furniture?

Picture this; you look around your family room, and notice that the furniture is tired and outdated, stained and faded. It's embarrassing to entertain family and friends and you yearn to purchase new furniture, but there is always something more important that comes up. You wonder if you will ever be able to get fresh and clean modern furniture that you can be proud of. 

Simply spray is an incredible product that allows you to reinvent your tired old furniture into something that is modern, up to date that will bring your room back to life. It is fast and easy to use and most importantly, it is safe for children and pets! 

The uses for Simply Spray are virtually limitless, it is such a versatile product, that it can be used just about anywhere; furniture, leather or fabric, carpets or even a lampshade, you can change your decor anytime and in any way you choose and all at a price you can afford! You can change your colors every day of the week if you choose! 

Is your outdoor furniture looking a bit faded and weather worn? Simply Spray can breathe new life into it! Choose whatever color you want and create a whole new look to your patio! its just that easy!

Never has it been this easy and this affordable to get new looking furniture! Own a boat but don't like the upholstery? Change it with Simply Spray! You spend a lot of time at work, looking at the same cubical walls day after day can leave you feeling tired and drained. Spice up your cubical with Simply Spray and you'll look forward to going to work everyday! You are limited only by your own imagination! 

whether you want to reinvent your entire home or just one piece, you will be ecstatic with the results!

Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life With Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have an older piece of fabric furniture laying around your home that you have been considering replacing with something newer, then you might actually want to think again. Rather than going through the trouble of shopping around for new furniture, paying the expensive price of new couches or chairs, paying for shipping, and figuring out what to do with your old furniture--you may actually want to consider trying to spray it new with fabric paint.

With Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint, you can take any absorbent piece of furniture and give it an entirely new look. So not only can this be used on chairs, couches, and sofas, but it is also useful on other home decor such as lampshades, cushions, and carpets.

So whether you would like to completely change the look of your couch by spraying it another color, or are simply looking to add a design or pop of color to a lampshade, the truth is that using this fabric paint can be a great choice and it can save you money in the long run. After all, why throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture when you can simply paint it and give it an entirely new and fresh appearance?

Imagine the amount of money you will be able to save by taking the time to paint your existing furniture or home decor accessories. Not only can this be a fun project to take on by yourself or with a friend, but the cans of paint cost just a small fraction of what it would cost for you to completely replace the furniture altogether. 

These paints come in a variety of different colors, and you can even buy a larger can of 8oz for bigger pieces of furniture. So the next time you want to liven up a space in your home, be sure to spray it new with fabric paint!

Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Old furniture, carpet and other types of fabrics can be easily rejuvenated by using upholstery fabric paint. Fabric paint can also be used to change the color of fabrics such as linens, vehicle interiors and clothing. Instead of simply throwing away objects, upholstery fabric paint can be used to give textiles new life so that they can continue to be used in a variety of ways. When using upholstery fabric paint, it is important to keep a few things in mind. One of the main things to know is that upholstery fabric paint works best for changing colors on objects when it is used for changing lighter colors to a darker or deeper shade. 

Using upholstery fabric paint is also safe to do indoors, as it has a mild scent that most people find to be pleasant. People who are sensitive to smells might prefer to have some windows open in order to provide ventilation when using the paint. The paint can also be used on both in and outdoor materials provided that they can absorb water. Also, it will not fade in the sun and is therefore excellent for use on items such as lawn chairs, umbrellas and canopies. It is important to note that once an object has been sprayed with upholstery fabric paint, fabric softeners should no longer be used because they can break down the pigments in the paint and cause fading to occur. 

For people who would like to create designs on their furniture and carpets, stencils can be used along with the paint as well. When spraying the fabric paint, it is also important to note that the spray mechanism works by pulling back towards the user, as opposed to pushing down. This gives the user better control over the spraying process and allows for better coverage. For refreshing used fabrics and adding a splash of color, upholstery fabric paint is an easy to use method that will provide excellent results.

Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Do you frequently look around your living room and wonder why your furniture is so boring? Do you dislike the way your furniture fits in with your home's decor? Are you having problems with fading furniture from sitting to much in the light? Is your furniture's color looking worn from years of use? If this is the case, and you want the look of new furniture without the high cost of buying new, we can help! Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint may be just the solution you are looking for.

You can save a heap of money by using Fabric Paint to improve, retouch, or even completely design the color of existing furniture in your home. A simple process may be able to completely revamp your home, drawing compliments and envy from friends who may not even realize it is the same chair or couch you had last week! You can also use the paint to create a patterned or art motif on your furniture, making your furniture the central focal point of a room while showing off your artistic skills. You can create a couch pattern or art using inspiration from photos of other similar projects, or come up with something completely unique you invented yourself.

For some inspiration and further thoughts on how to do this, check out an article on Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint and see for yourself what you can do with just a little bit of money, time, and a vision for new looking furniture!

Customer Reviews on Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is a great alternative to buying new furniture for people who want to restore their older furniture, or who are looking for a different look. Many people end up with furniture that they have had for some time, or possibly that they get used from somewhere else. Often, that furniture does not match the other decorations within their home or business. At that point, there are usually only three options: buy new furniture, which can be a very expensive option, re-upholster, which can also be very expensive, or slap on a cover of some sort. The cover is always the cheapest option, but doesn't look quite as good as the other options.

Enter the newest and most affordable option on the market. Fabric paint. This special paint is designed only for use on all fabric types, is non-toxic, and sticks very well to the fabric unlike any other type of paint. The major benefit to this type of paint is obviously the ability to change the color of any type of furniture to whatever color desired, quickly and permanently. Instant customization, without the hassle of possibly ruining your expensive furniture or the high cost of re-upholstery or buying new furniture.

Another great use for fabric paint, is to change the color of the upholstery in your vehicle. Our vehicles typically aren't very customizable when it comes to the inside. Also, after years of being in direct sunlight, the color on our car seats tends to fade quite dramatically. This special paint can help that instantly.

There are many uses for this paint, and many reasons why one should choose it over completely re-upholstering or buying new.

Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors for Auto Interior & Furniture is a company offering a new and useful way of making your old worn-out furniture look fresh and new. They produce a special type of fabric paint for the upholstery of car interiors and furniture. Perhaps the idea of spray painting your furniture or your car interior isnt the first thing that comes to mind when you think about doing reforms, but when weighing the costs and benefits, it could change your mind. The system seems relatively simple and works on a variety of types of fabric.  

As mentioned in their site, it gives people a clean and easy alternative to dying the fabric. There are some other benefits as well, like the fact that it is quick-drying. Within 15-20 minutes, it is possible to put on a second coat, so the workload is also reduced.  

In todays world, price is something everyone focuses on. One can of this fabric paint is being sold for under $12. That being said, you would be able to reform 3 office chairs for that price or for around $144, you could give your sofa a new look. When you consider buying a new sofa would cost you at least $500, it seems like a pretty good deal.  

One last thing to mention about this company is that they offer a nice variety of colors so that almost everyone would be able to find something that satisfies them. All-in-all, this seems like a viable option for anyone who is looking to give things that look just like new look without breaking the bank.

Give An Old Purse A New Look With Simply Spray

Many of us have a number of purses and bags lined up in the closet that never see the light of the day.  The flashy one you bought on vacation and used once; the teal one bought to match a bridesmaids dress; and the one that you love that looks like its been through the wringer.  Wouldnt it be great to be able to actually use them again?

Bargain hunters love to pick up purses at Goodwill or garage sales, but sometimes those look a little shabby and can use a facelift.    Imagine that you could refresh your bags inexpensively and with no mess.  Be your own Design Star!  Fabric paint now makes that possible.  Its as easy to use as spray paint, but it allows the texture and pattern of the purse to show through, creating your own designed-by-you look.

It would be fun to get a group of friends together for a purse party!  Refab your own, or you could start out with a purse swap, and then everyone could personalize her new purse with the fabric paint.  By updating the bags you have now with fabric paint, it is much less expensive than going shopping for a new one.  

Even if you dont think youre the crafty type, this is easy to do and youll love the results.  You can turn your old and sad purse into new and glad!  This is an idea youll want to pin--making your purse look fabulous again with fabric paint.

Fabric Paint Ideas!

Fabric paint is a wonderful innovation that has really changed how people have looked at fabric over the past few years. Old furniture with faded fabric no longer has to be thrown away or reupholstered, you can just change the color to bring it back to life. The same can be done with car seats that have faded due to the sun

Although these were the intended uses for such paints there are so many other things you can use them for. Those old faded canvas sneakers can be made to look new again or you could buy a pair of plain white canvas sneakers and brighten them up with any color you choose. How about those old drab sheer curtains that have been hanging in the window for years and have turned a decidedly light shade of grey? Why not use fabric paint to give them a slight hue that matches the color of the room.

There is absolutely no reason to buy new when you can use a quality fabric paint to bring anything you want that is fabric back to life. It's not expensive and it can be a lot of fun for you and the family. You can change the color of your bed linen to match the color of your new room or give that plain white chair a little bit of color to set off the dining room.

There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to changing the color of anything fabric. From small throw rugs to knit golf club covers you can bring anything fabric back to life or just change the color to suite your style.

Quick Spray Painting Crafts To Redecorate Your Apartment

There are some lesser-known ways you can transform your apartment with just a few cans of fabric paint. These quick spray painting crafts to redecorate your apartment are fun and really quite easy.

The bedroom is an excellent place to try this. We can start with that boring, old duvet cover youve had since you moved out of your parents house to live on your own. Ill bet you didnt know you could give your bedroom a whole new look by painting that duvet a different color, or perhaps stenciling a pattern on it with fabric paint. After youre done with the duvet or bedspread, you can move onto those throw pillows next. Maybe paint them a contrasting color to compliment the new duvet. You could paint the lamp shade and curtains, too.

These quick fabric painting crafts are a great way to redecorate any room in your home without spending much money. You will be recycling your old linens and furnishings, while letting your creativity flow. Maybe you want a new table cloth but cant afford to spend big bucks on it. Just head out to the thrift store, purchase a cheap one and paint it! You just created a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. Or maybe you have a table cloth that got stained from coffee or red wine. Just paint over it! It will look better than it did when it was new. Fabric spray is a great way to let your kids create keepsakes, too. They will love knowing you are using their artwork every day.

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