Spray That Old Couch New

When your couch gets old and worn out, it can really make your entire living room look bad. However, new furniture is expensive, and most people don't have the extra money in their budget to purchase a new couch or living room set when they have other bills to worry about. Having your couch reupholstered is one option, but it can be very expensive, and sofa covers have the tendency to fit incorrectly and to get wrinkled and messy very easily.

Instead of trying these methods, why not give something new a chance? You can always purchase sofa paint to repaint your sofa instead of replacing or reupholstering it, and you will be shocked by how good your sofa will look after it has been painted.

Whether your couch is made of leather, upholstery or vinyl, you can use couch paint to make it look like new again. One thing that is so excited about couch paint is the fact that it comes in a huge variety of colors. Whether you are looking to paint your couch in a neutral color or if you want to make it really stand out with a bright color, you can find sofa paint in a color that you will love.

One thing that is great about sofa paint is the fact that you can give your sofa a new look anytime that you want to without having to spend a fortune. If you decide to redecorate your living room, you no longer have to worry about your sofa matching your new decor -- if it doesn't match, simply spray it with specially-made paint to make it fit right in.

If you are ready to give your couch a fresh look with couch paint, try Simply Spray's line of products. Not only can you paint your sofa, but you can paint your chairs and other upholstery to match as well.

Save Time And Money With Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Every home needs an updated look after a few years, but purchasing new furniture can be expensive and time consuming. A more affordable alternative is to simply spray it with fabric paint. Using our Upholstery Fabric Paint refreshes furnishings and other possessions not only in homes but also vehicles, boats, and recreational vehicles. 

Instead of a dye, this product is a water-based paint that is flame proof, environmentally safe and not toxic to children and pets when dry. No choking fumes are emitted like other spray paints, and it cleans up easily with warm water and soap. Initial coats dry as quick as 15 to 20 minutes before an additional layer can be added, and the entire project is completely dry in 72 hours.

This color-changing option can be used on any fabric that absorbs water of which cotton is the best material. Fabric furniture, curtains, lampshades, rugs, pillows, umbrellas, and pet beds are ideal household items that can be transformed from old to new. This coating works wonders on outdoor furniture seat cushions and fabric awnings since it is UV protected and will not fade.

Fabric seats and interiors of vehicles, boats, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles are other projects that can be energized with a new color or decorative design. Instead of spending money replacing office chairs and cubicle panels, simply spray it with fabric paint. Items sprayed remain soft to the touch and do not stiffen. Various shades of brown, gray, black, red, green, blue and purple are available to turn dull and boring into vibrant and colorful.

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint should be considered for the next redecorating project. Just like the name says, simply spray it with fabric paint and see how years old furnishings and other possessions can look like new in a cost effective and time saving manner.

Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors for Auto Interior and Furniture

Nothing's worse than getting in a vehicle that was once clean and new, only to see the seats covered in stains and mess. Who wants to sit on that? Unfortunately, it's expensive to replace the upholstery and requires a long period where the car is out of use. But what if it were possible to grab a can of spray paint and simply Spray It New? 

No more do you have to look at ugly coffee stains and mud smears on your car's or truck's seats. It's as easy as buying a can of fabric paint and spraying all those nasty stains away. Don't endure dirty seats any longer. Give them a whole new look with just the press of a button!

For thousands of dollars less than the cost of a re-upholstering job you can change the color and look of your vehicle right at home. If tan bores you, lighten things up with something brighter! With a wide range of colors to choose from, you'll never have to feel confined by someone else's tastes. Pick exactly what suits you!

In about an hour and with no more than a dozen cans of fabric paint, you can turn that once-black gray into a vibrant red or lush green. It dries quickly and looks entirely natural, so no one will suspect anything at all but a brand new coat of fabric. You can even get creative and mix colors for a two-tone "classic car" feel for far, far less than it would cost to re-upholster in that style.

Perhaps best of all our fabric paints are safe and non-toxic. No harmful dyes or propellants are used, so the paint is acceptable to use where kids or pets may sit. The only thing that changes is your upholstery color, not the smell and air in your car. Use it with confidence!

Hints & Tips For Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Upholstery fabric paint can change old furniture into new, and some tips may help someone get started. Individuals can follow these tips to achieve the desired look for their old furniture by using upholstery fabric paint.

To ensure that the paint is the desired color, an individual should test the paint on a small area first. By doing a test, the individual can check to see how well the paint absorbs into the fabric as well. Some materials such as cotton will absorb the paint better than others will, and some colors will work better than others will as well. For instance, a lighter color fabric can easily be changed to a darker color, but a darker color fabric might be harder to paint.

Before using upholstery fabric paint, some preparations will need to be done. The work area will need to be covered to protect the floor since this is permanent paint. However, if some paint were to get on other items, be sure to wash the item before the paint dries to prevent it from becoming a permanent part of the item. 

The nozzle tip on the paint will need to be cleaned between each use to ensure a good flow. This can be checked by turning the can upside down and spraying out a small amount to clear the nozzle. The used cans of paint will need to be stored properly to protect the paint. 

When using upholstery fabric paint, the trigger will need to be pulled back and pressure applied while spraying. Be sure to maintain the pressure on the trigger without pumping the trigger. The paint will need to be applied a few inches away from the fabric. The project may require several light coats of paint to achieve the best look. Once the fabric is completely covered, it should be allowed to dry for several days before washing the fabric. Check out our Hints & Tips page if you have any additional questions about using our paint.

Why Spray It New?

When it is time to update the look of a piece of furniture or vehicle upholstery, there is an easy and cost effective method to use. Getting furniture reupholstered can be a costly undertaking, and this is not always within a person's budget. Luckily, one can use Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint for a great, refreshed look.

The upholstery fabric paint is an innovative product that allows a person to simply and easily spray paint a variety of surfaces. The paint is simply sprayed onto the fabric and is allowed to dry. Once it completely dries, it will provide a new and durable surface that is safe for children as well as pets. 

Depending on the type of fabric that is being used, there are a number of different products that are available. Whether it is leather, upholstery or vinyl, a person can make things look like new.

There are a number of different color options available. When choosing a new color, it is important to get a color that is darker than the original color of the fabric. For example, you can paint a gray couch black, but cannot paint a black paint gray. 

The upholstery fabric paint is very simple to apply. Precautions should be followed as one would with other spray paints. The painting should be done in a ventilated area and the area surrounding the furniture should be covered to avoid problems with over-spray.

In approximately 72 hours, the paint will be dry and the furniture is ready to be used. The paint will be durable and should not fade either. Spray It New provides people the chance to get a brand new piece of furniture with little effort and less cost. You will be amazed at how easy it is use this product for a number of different projects.

Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life With Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have an older piece of fabric furniture laying around your home that you have been considering replacing with something newer, then you might actually want to think again. Rather than going through the trouble of shopping around for new furniture, paying the expensive price of new couches or chairs, paying for shipping, and figuring out what to do with your old furniture--you may actually want to consider trying to spray it new with fabric paint.

With Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint, you can take any absorbent piece of furniture and give it an entirely new look. So not only can this be used on chairs, couches, and sofas, but it is also useful on other home decor such as lampshades, cushions, and carpets.

So whether you would like to completely change the look of your couch by spraying it another color, or are simply looking to add a design or pop of color to a lampshade, the truth is that using this fabric paint can be a great choice and it can save you money in the long run. After all, why throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture when you can simply paint it and give it an entirely new and fresh appearance?

Imagine the amount of money you will be able to save by taking the time to paint your existing furniture or home decor accessories. Not only can this be a fun project to take on by yourself or with a friend, but the cans of paint cost just a small fraction of what it would cost for you to completely replace the furniture altogether. 

These paints come in a variety of different colors, and you can even buy a larger can of 8oz for bigger pieces of furniture. So the next time you want to liven up a space in your home, be sure to spray it new with fabric paint!

Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Old furniture, carpet and other types of fabrics can be easily rejuvenated by using upholstery fabric paint. Fabric paint can also be used to change the color of fabrics such as linens, vehicle interiors and clothing. Instead of simply throwing away objects, upholstery fabric paint can be used to give textiles new life so that they can continue to be used in a variety of ways. When using upholstery fabric paint, it is important to keep a few things in mind. One of the main things to know is that upholstery fabric paint works best for changing colors on objects when it is used for changing lighter colors to a darker or deeper shade. 

Using upholstery fabric paint is also safe to do indoors, as it has a mild scent that most people find to be pleasant. People who are sensitive to smells might prefer to have some windows open in order to provide ventilation when using the paint. The paint can also be used on both in and outdoor materials provided that they can absorb water. Also, it will not fade in the sun and is therefore excellent for use on items such as lawn chairs, umbrellas and canopies. It is important to note that once an object has been sprayed with upholstery fabric paint, fabric softeners should no longer be used because they can break down the pigments in the paint and cause fading to occur. 

For people who would like to create designs on their furniture and carpets, stencils can be used along with the paint as well. When spraying the fabric paint, it is also important to note that the spray mechanism works by pulling back towards the user, as opposed to pushing down. This gives the user better control over the spraying process and allows for better coverage. For refreshing used fabrics and adding a splash of color, upholstery fabric paint is an easy to use method that will provide excellent results.

Furnishing a New Home on a Budget

The current economic situation has not stopped recent college graduates from wanting to strike out on their own. Establishing a comfortable home with limited funds requires a great deal of creativity. Upholstery fabric paint is just one tool that young adults should keep handy when furnishing their new apartments.

Couches are very popular items at secondhand stores because they are incredibly cheap if one is able to transport them home. A used couch is a good investment because it can be purchased and then restored for far less than the cost of a new couch of lesser quality. One or two coats of upholstery fabric paint can transform a well-worn couch into a bright new piece of furniture. Pieces from disparate sets can be painted to match each other. Unusual color schemes can be achieved with uniformity. The paint can even be used on curtains and throw pillows. Young people on budgets can create their own custom living room sets for relatively little money.

This upholstery fabric paint is completely non-toxic and easy to use. It enables one to make an old piece of furniture suitable for everyday use without having to invest time and money in a reupholstering project. It increases the value of old furniture, especially if matching pieces have also been painted. Woodworkers can easily expand their skill sets to include cushioned and fully upholstered pieces by using this paint. 

Many people avoid used furniture because they worry that the fabric parts have absorbed stains and smells. Upholstery paint can be used to cover up all of these signs of wear. New stains can simply be covered up with more paint; using the paint on the entirety of a piece and then keeping a spare paint can for emergencies virtually guarantees that the owner of the furniture will never have to live with unsightly stains on her living room couch or chairs.

Use Upholstry Fabric Paint to Rejuvinate Faded Outdoor Furniture

Having to replace an entire patio set can be a costly experience, especially if the reason for the replacement is something as simple as the cushions, padding, or coverings have faded. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is currently available in thirteen colors, and can be easily and effectively used to save the appearance of patio furniture. 

Rather than taking hours to select and recover patio furniture, using this outdoor furniture fabric paint is as simple as choosing a color and spraying. Not only is this paint easy to use, but it has plenty of other positive attributes, as well. The paint will dry completely in 72 hours, and does not face with washing. Use of other design work like iron on patches and appliques will not harm the color, and though covered in paint, the fabric will still feel soft when touched or sat on. 

Coming in a multitude of colors, this outdoor furniture fabric paint gives those using it the freedom to change colors at will. This paint also allows the opportunity to restore even the oldest, most faded fabrics to stunning, like new quality. With no need for heat setting, in as little as 30 minutes any piece of upholstery will have absorbed the new color. No other equipment is needed aside from the spray can, and the process is much simpler than having to sew new pieces. 

The affordability of this product is also another aspect that makes it a more ideal solution that completely replacing outdoor furniture. As climate and weather are much different depending on location, trying to combat the fading of furniture in the sun is a very time consuming effort, and once this paint has been applied to the furniture, this process will slow significantly. As long as the fabric or material that this paint is applied to is absorbent, the Spray It New color will be true and long lasting.

Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

While your tastes in decorating may evolve, some furnishings seem to last forever. When it becomes time for an overhaul in a living space, sofas, loveseats and chairs are often the first to go. That is an expensive proposition many simply cannot afford. Refinishing furniture with upholstery fabric paint is economical and a fast way to make a quick change. You can even see the results within minutes instead of waiting weeks for a professional to finish putting new fabric in place.

Those patterns and colors that were once the star of your living space can get old in a hurry. Simply Spray paint options include applications for fabrics, leathers and vinyl. Even novices will find the spray-on colors easy to apply. Furnishing just beginning to show a little wear will also look new again. Simply Spray can really take any upholstered piece from drab to fab.

With a few tips to get started, you can change the look of any piece. Darker colors may still show through if trying to lighten but can create a pleasing effect if adding another equally dark shade. Lighter fabrics and subdued patterns make the transformation best. After the recommended drying time, materials should remain flexible and soft.

Limited budgets mean getting creative when it comes to refinishing furniture with upholstery fabric paint. On a whim or as part of a full home revitalization, changing upholstery colors is a fun way to express your personality while coordinating colors throughout each room. The possibilities are endless in creating pieces to match. Begin with a chair, spray paint a lounger and give that garage find new life that will fit in with your other treasured pieces. As a complete update inside, you may even want to create matching draperies, accent pillows and comforters. Upholstery spray lets you do that in a snap.

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