Spray That Old Couch New

When your couch gets old and worn out, it can really make your entire living room look bad. However, new furniture is expensive, and most people don't have the extra money in their budget to purchase a new couch or living room set when they have other bills to worry about. Having your couch reupholstered is one option, but it can be very expensive, and sofa covers have the tendency to fit incorrectly and to get wrinkled and messy very easily. Instead of trying these methods, why not give something new a chance? You can always purchase sofa paint to.. Read More »

Save Time And Money With Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Every home needs an updated look after a few years, but purchasing new furniture can be expensive and time consuming. A more affordable alternative is to simply spray it with fabric paint. Using our Upholstery Fabric Paint refreshes furnishings and other possessions not only in homes but also vehicles, boats, and recreational vehicles.  Instead of a dye, this product is a water-based paint that is flame proof, environmentally safe and not toxic to children and pets when dry. No choking fumes are emitted like other spray paints, and it cleans up easily with warm water and soap. Initial coats dry.. Read More »

Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors for Auto Interior and Furniture

Nothing's worse than getting in a vehicle that was once clean and new, only to see the seats covered in stains and mess. Who wants to sit on that? Unfortunately, it's expensive to replace the upholstery and requires a long period where the car is out of use. But what if it were possible to grab a can of spray paint and simply Spray It New?  No more do you have to look at ugly coffee stains and mud smears on your car's or truck's seats. It's as easy as buying a can of fabric paint and spraying all those.. Read More »

Why Pay for New Furniture?

Picture this; you look around your family room, and notice that the furniture is tired and outdated, stained and faded. It's embarrassing to entertain family and friends and you yearn to purchase new furniture, but there is always something more important that comes up. You wonder if you will ever be able to get fresh and clean modern furniture that you can be proud of.  Simply spray is an incredible product that allows you to reinvent your tired old furniture into something that is modern, up to date that will bring your room back to life. It is fast and.. Read More »

Hints & Tips For Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Upholstery fabric paint can change old furniture into new, and some tips may help someone get started. Individuals can follow these tips to achieve the desired look for their old furniture by using upholstery fabric paint. To ensure that the paint is the desired color, an individual should test the paint on a small area first. By doing a test, the individual can check to see how well the paint absorbs into the fabric as well. Some materials such as cotton will absorb the paint better than others will, and some colors will work better than others will as well... Read More »

Why Spray It New?

When it is time to update the look of a piece of furniture or vehicle upholstery, there is an easy and cost effective method to use. Getting furniture reupholstered can be a costly undertaking, and this is not always within a person's budget. Luckily, one can use Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint for a great, refreshed look. The upholstery fabric paint is an innovative product that allows a person to simply and easily spray paint a variety of surfaces. The paint is simply sprayed onto the fabric and is allowed to dry. Once it completely dries, it will provide a.. Read More »

Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life With Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have an older piece of fabric furniture laying around your home that you have been considering replacing with something newer, then you might actually want to think again. Rather than going through the trouble of shopping around for new furniture, paying the expensive price of new couches or chairs, paying for shipping, and figuring out what to do with your old furniture--you may actually want to consider trying to spray it new with fabric paint. With Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint, you can take any absorbent piece of furniture and give it an entirely new look. So not.. Read More »

Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Old furniture, carpet and other types of fabrics can be easily rejuvenated by using upholstery fabric paint. Fabric paint can also be used to change the color of fabrics such as linens, vehicle interiors and clothing. Instead of simply throwing away objects, upholstery fabric paint can be used to give textiles new life so that they can continue to be used in a variety of ways. When using upholstery fabric paint, it is important to keep a few things in mind. One of the main things to know is that upholstery fabric paint works best for changing colors on objects.. Read More »

Fix Old, Worn Carpets

As your carpets age and experience years of foot traffic their appearance tends to decline due to fading, wearing and staining from food or beverages. While you could replace the carpets that are showing their age, this can be expensive and time consuming, even if you seek the assistance of professionals. An alternative method of repair, fabric painting, is available to revive your old and worn carpets to look like new again.  With Simply Spray, you only need to spray the carpet where the wear or stains are and its appearance is restored to how it is supposed to look... Read More »

Great Ways To Spruce Up Old Upholstery

Buying new furniture these days is very expensive. As such, reupholstering old furniture is a good way to go. However, it is both time consuming, and not cheap.  A far better way is to use fabric spray paint that will make old furniture look brand new. This paint has been specially formulated to make the color of the fabric look new. In some cases it looks even better than the original color. Our paint is so easy to use right in the home by anyone, that no special training is required. Use the paint on any fabric that is absorbent,.. Read More »

How to Use Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have carpets, upholstery or other types of fabric around your home that could use some refreshing, then upholstery fabric paint is a perfect option that is long lasting and easy to use. When using the fabric paint, the first thing you will need to do is to select the material that needs to be refreshed. Upholstery fabric paint can be used on almost any material, but it works best when turning a later shade of a color to a deeper shade. Once you have selected your fabric, you will need to determine what color you will be using.. Read More »

Simply Spray It Instead of Re-Upholstering It

Sometimes we may see a new color combination we had not thought of before, and our mind takes a trip to new color possibilities in our home. On a whimsical fancy, we decide we want to try something new and different, but we realize our budget just won’t allow a whole redo. The practical solution to the problem of how to satisfy our whimsy on minimal finances is to use a spray it new fabric paint on an upholstered chair, pillows, sofa or any fabric piece in the room. Using Simply Spray Upholstery Paint lets you explore new color possibilities.. Read More »

Things You Never Thought You Could Paint - 7 Ideas

Do you have a comfortable chair you love but are tempted to throw out because you don't like the color or it is faded or no longer matches the decor of your house? Are you sick of slipping and sliding over stairs that have no grip? Are you finding that your appliances no longer match, but don't want to have to splurge for new ones? If so, Fabric Paint may be exactly what you are looking for! Things You Never Thought You Could Paint - 7 Ideas is a fantastic resource on how to use Fabric Paint to improve the.. Read More »

Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint

Do you frequently look around your living room and wonder why your furniture is so boring? Do you dislike the way your furniture fits in with your home's decor? Are you having problems with fading furniture from sitting to much in the light? Is your furniture's color looking worn from years of use? If this is the case, and you want the look of new furniture without the high cost of buying new, we can help! Refinishing Furniture Using Upholstery Fabric Paint may be just the solution you are looking for. You can save a heap of money by using.. Read More »

Customer Reviews on Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is a great alternative to buying new furniture for people who want to restore their older furniture, or who are looking for a different look. Many people end up with furniture that they have had for some time, or possibly that they get used from somewhere else. Often, that furniture does not match the other decorations within their home or business. At that point, there are usually only three options: buy new furniture, which can be a very expensive option, re-upholster, which can also be very expensive, or slap on a cover of some sort. The cover is always the cheapest option, but doesn't.. Read More »

Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors for Auto Interior & Furniture

Upholsteryfabricpaint.com is a company offering a new and useful way of making your old worn-out furniture look fresh and new. They produce a special type of fabric paint for the upholstery of car interiors and furniture. Perhaps the idea of spray painting your furniture or your car interior isnt the first thing that comes to mind when you think about doing reforms, but when weighing the costs and benefits, it could change your mind. The system seems relatively simple and works on a variety of types of fabric.   As mentioned in their site, it gives people a clean and.. Read More »

Give An Old Purse A New Look With Simply Spray

Many of us have a number of purses and bags lined up in the closet that never see the light of the day.  The flashy one you bought on vacation and used once; the teal one bought to match a bridesmaids dress; and the one that you love that looks like its been through the wringer.  Wouldnt it be great to be able to actually use them again? Bargain hunters love to pick up purses at Goodwill or garage sales, but sometimes those look a little shabby and can use a facelift.    Imagine that you could refresh your bags.. Read More »

Fabric Paint Ideas!

Fabric paint is a wonderful innovation that has really changed how people have looked at fabric over the past few years. Old furniture with faded fabric no longer has to be thrown away or reupholstered, you can just change the color to bring it back to life. The same can be done with car seats that have faded due to the sun.  Although these were the intended uses for such paints there are so many other things you can use them for. Those old faded canvas sneakers can be made to look new again or you could buy a pair.. Read More »

Quick Spray Painting Crafts To Redecorate Your Apartment

There are some lesser-known ways you can transform your apartment with just a few cans of fabric paint. These quick spray painting crafts to redecorate your apartment are fun and really quite easy. The bedroom is an excellent place to try this. We can start with that boring, old duvet cover youve had since you moved out of your parents house to live on your own. Ill bet you didnt know you could give your bedroom a whole new look by painting that duvet a different color, or perhaps stenciling a pattern on it with fabric paint. After youre done.. Read More »

Decorating Ideas - Paint It Instead of Refinishing It!

This site is great because they show you many different ways to decorate your home. All of the ways that they show you are also fairly cheap too. They even show you how to do many different types of home repair which are all fairly cheap. Another great thing is that they give you tips on how to repair household things without having to hire someone else to do it for you. They even show you many different ways that you can decorate your home if youre on a tight budget.  Many other sites will show you ways to improve.. Read More »