Update An Old Purse With Simply Spray

I was able to make my old purse look like new with my new Fabric Paint. My sister and used to love to collect purses when we were younger before we got married and hand kids. I had about three Coach purses, and about five Gucci bags. As my family grew, I knew that having nice purses was not as important as having food, so I decided to get rid of my favorite purses, I only kept two, and I had to sell the majority of my purses, even though it made me sad, I was able to do a lot with that money. I went to a garage sale last year with my kids, and I found an awesome Coach purse, and it was only for ten dollars. I just could not help myself, because even though the purse was old, it was not in bad shape. My sister saw the bag and she suggested to me that I buy some fabric paint, so that I could make it look better. She gave me the web address to a place that I could order the fabric paint from, so I took her suggestion. I bought the paint, and I painted the bag black. It looked great after I had finished painting it, and my sister even told me that it looked like new. I decided that I was not going to add that purse to my collection, because I needed to have a purse that I could use myself, so I use the purse for when I am running around. It still looks great on, and people always tell me that it looks like new. I am so happy that I was able to get the paint for my purse, because now I still have a cute purse and no one would ever know that I got it from a garage sale.

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