Upholstery Fabric Paint Reviews

Do you have an old sofa or other upholstered furniture that is in good condition, but starting to show its age because of color fading? Perhaps you you have thought about paying to have it reupholstered by a professional. Depending on the furniture and type of material, re-upholstery can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. And given the state of the economy, there are not many who can afford the extravagance of tossing out good furniture simply because the color is fading. Dying the upholstery is a more economical option, but the process is messy and difficult to perform; there are harsh chemicals to work with, days of intense labor involved, and even then you are not guaranteed a satisfactory result. Furniture dye is opaque so old stains and marks often still show through.

Times are tough, but do not lose heart! There is a safe, simple, fast alternative you probably have never heard of: fabric paint. We will take a look at this relatively unknown restoration method that is popular among professional furniture restorers and hobbyist alike. It comes in an aerosol spray can, and can be applied to porous most porous materials; including leather, linen, cotton, wool, and polyester.

The first step is to prepare the furniture by washing it thoroughly and allowing it to dry. Next, the fabric paint it applied one coat at time, allowed to dry overnight, and then reapplied as needed. An entire sofa could take several days, but it is much less intensive than using dye. Another benefit of this restoration method is that it may be used on the entire piece, or it can be applied to certain spots and blended with the original color. Please be sure to pick a high quality brand and test it out on a small hidden area before starting your project.

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