Using Simply Spray To Bring Your Furniture Back To Life

There is a secret to fresh and stylish home decor--DIY! Even beautiful, classic pieces of fabric-upholstered furniture can suffer from fading due to sunlight or heavy use, and some colors simply go out of style. Luckily, there is an easy do-it-yourself solution: spray paint specially formulated for fabric surfaces. It can even cover old stains from spilled drinks or pets--of course you will want to clean them up first!

Fabric paint is available in many colors, so if you have an item that is lighter or about the same shade as your preferred color, you can make it look as good as new with a few sprayed-on coats. This paint will not fade or smell bad, and it works well with the soft texture of fabric. It is a great way to rejuvenate the look of your house or apartment, and even add a bit of flair and style.

Creative projects such as stenciled designs or monograms on rugs or bedspreads are possible. Faded chairs can be made to look like new. All this process requires is a few cans of fabric paint (more for larger items, fewer for stenciling projects or small items) and a little creativity. Perhaps you wanted a funky orange sofa and despaired of ever finding one, but you loved the design of the one you saw at a garage sale down the street. You can make that bargain sofa into a dream piece thats more perfect for your home than anything you can find in store. Just spray a few even coats onto a clean fabric surface, giving a little time to dry between coats. Once your item is completely dry, you can move it back into your house or apartment and enjoy your updated, stylish creation, all thanks to the amazing work of fabric paint.

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