Auto Carpet Dye

Sometimes a dye job isnt just for hair. Every year or so I notice that the carpet in my car needs a touch up too.

If the carpet of your car is anything like mine, you have a lot of unwanted stains from spills and other mishaps that prevent it from looking its best. If you eat on the go, or maybe if you have children, it will inevitably show the signs of wear and tear. Its embarrassing to invite others into your car when its not looking its best, and if you use your car for business you might have noticed that your cleaning schedule is fine for its interior surfaces, but the carpet is a more involved project.

When I clean my car interior and vacuum the carpets, I often wish I could apply a universal cleaner and be done with it. Unfortunately there isnt a single product that solves both problems.

One option is to tear out the old and install new carpet. I could do this for about $100, but if Im already going to spend the time to remove the carpet, maybe I can save money by just dyeing it. I could remove and clean the carpet, wait for it to dry, then simply spray dye on it.

There are several options for dyeing. If the carpet has not faded from ultraviolet damage, and is not heavily soiled I may be able to return it to its original color, otherwise I will probably be better off going to a darker color dye in order to hide any unremovable stains. There are many dyes on the market but without a giant vat to dunk the carpet in, I will likely want something that I can simply spray on.

Once the dyeing process is complete, I can reinstall the carpet and enjoy my new look.

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