How You Can Use Upholstery Fabric Paint

The words ,Fabric, and ,Paint, are not usually used in the same sentence unless the goal of that sentence is to inform you how to keep one away from the other. Well thats not the case here! Fabric Paint is a revolutionary product that can be easily applied to almost any fabric surface without danger of ruining your upholstery. In fact, just the opposite, you can use Fabric Paint to completely restore any upholstery in your home.

Lets say you have spilled a glass of wine on one of those favorite white dining room chairs, and try as you might, nothing will get the stain out. By applying a few coats of Fabric Paint you can have your dining room furniture quickly looking as good as new. Or perhaps you have an old sofa thats a family heirloom. After years of protecting it from grimy hands and unnecessary loungers you find that the color has faded anyway. Rather than paying a large sum to completely reupholster your antique, why not first try giving it your own touch with Fabric Paint.

Fabric Paint is not just for restoring damaged upholstery. It can also be used to redecorate your living space without spending a fortune on all new furniture. You can transform your furniture from lighter to darker colors, and vice versa depending on your redecorating needs. And if youre looking to spice up a chair back or tablecloth, you can even use stencils to design your fabric.

Fabric paint is easily applied just like spray paint, requiring no professional ability or effort to use. Unlike spray paint, however, Fabric Paint has only a very minimal odor and is safe to use on any fabric surface. Fabric Paint provides a fun, affordable way to restore your upholstery or redecorate your home. Its easy to use and safe for the whole family.

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