Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint Reviews

Did you ever have something in your house that you loved but it was old and maybe didnt match the surrounding elements of the room? Maybe a lamp or two with paper shades or a soft cushioned chair or a pillow? I have found the solution to our decorating dilemmas and it is Simply Spray. Even if you arent very artistic or a natural do-it-yourself-er, this fabric paint will make the task simple. The can looks like an air duster can that you would use for dusting off your electronics, with a nozzle head and a little trigger. Its simple to use and I have found that it works much better then upholstery paint, when using it for small, around the home tasks.
Pick your particular item for remodel, and make sure that it is as clean as possible! The Simply Spray sticks best to an item that is dust or lint free. Shake the can, and spray an even coat over whatever it is that you are updating. Let it dry and make sure you recheck for areas that you may not have covered as completely as the rest. If you dont like the hue of what youve sprayed, give it another coat. I find that two or three coats usually do the job just fine. But you can try different things, too. Maybe have a sponge handy and while a spot is still a little wet with paint, blotch it with the sponge to give it a funky design.
This product is perfect for people who like to take older things and re-purpose them. Maybe make a project out of updating something with your kids or grand kids. I have found Simply Spray in black, red, orange, burgundy, hunter green, navy blue, periwinkle, plum, and brown. My biggest decision now is, what color am I going to use next? Happy crafting!

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