Fix Up Your Apartment On A Budget

Looking around your apartment, the urge to redecorate might be strong, but your budget may be on the weak side. Simply Spray paints solve that problem while turning living areas, dining spaces and bedrooms into fabulous looking places. The array of colors lets you get creative in the process for updating without the cost of reupholstering or replacing anything. From furniture to drapes and even lamp shades, fabric paints will make drab designs vanish.

Out with the old sofa and in the new is just a matter of applying a little color from a can. The process is practically effortless as there are no brushes required. Even better, there is no odor to worry about, either. Prep work involves covering floors and exposed wood areas on furniture before beginning. Chairs, loveseats, rockers, recliners and chaises are all candidates for a makeover, whether they are fabric, vinyl or leather. Drying is fast, and it becomes permanent, meaning it will never rub off on clothing. Leaving behind a soft and supple finish, every piece will look brand new following its designer spray refurbishment.

For smaller projects, think about applying fabric paint on accent pillows, rugs and drapes. Using the same process, accent colors will come to life with Simply Spray’s unique composition that provides an even covering. Typically, original fabrics that are lighter in color than the selected spray shade work best.

Spot color is another way to change an apartment’s appearance quickly with less fuss. Yellowing lampshades can dazzle once again with a new fabric paint treatment. Jazz them up with decorative trim that matches other colors or patterns in the room. You do not have to stop there, of course. Tablecloths and runners are also easy to turn into fashion-forward accents for dining areas. Saving time and money is always a bonus when it comes to fixing up tired spaces.

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