Can You Dye Vinyl?

Is your furniture looking a little outdated and worn out? Have you found a great piece of furniture, but it could use a little color?  Are you low on cash?

One viable option for updating your furniture would be to spend over one thousand dollars to have your furniture reupholstered, but in today’s hard economy, who really has that much money for a project like that? A quality and inexpensive way around the horrific process of reupholstering is to use Simply Spray Vinyl and Fabric Paint.

Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is a fabric, leather, and vinyl dye that can easily, effectively, and permanently be used on many pieces of furniture, including couches, car interiors, and leather jackets. The products are nonflammable, nontoxic, and safe to use around children and pets as it has no fumes! It dries in as little as thirty minutes, much faster than reupholstering. Featured on the Today Show, Simply Spray products such as the vinyl dye are quick and beautiful fixes for projects such as recoloring computer chairs – one can will finish three chairs!

They come in the typical colors such as black, camel, and charcoal grey as well as more vibrant colors like burnt orange, periwinkle, and lavender and new colors are coming all the time! The products work on outdoor items as well as indoor, safe in the sun, washable, and will not rub off on clothing. This makes the prospect of change very great! Compared to the price of brand new furniture or upholstery, Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is a steal and even offers special bulk pricing! Let Simply Spray Upholster Paint turn your home into something you love and something your guests will not soon forget! Simply Spray Fabric, Leather Dye, or Vinyl Paint can be found at and locally in stores.

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