How To: Paint Your Car Interior

Over time, the interior of a vehicle can look tired and can become stained. It may be time for a change. Unfortunately, changing out the entire interior of a car can be quite costly. Luckily, Spray It New allows a person to quickly and easily change the interior fabric of a car.

The process of painting car interior is rather simple and the cost is a fraction of what it would be to have the work done professionally. The painting can be done right in the driveway and there are no other special tools besides the paint that is needed.

Before starting a painting project, it is best to do a test to see what the paint will look like. Spray a small area that is not easily seen. Wait at least three days to see what the final result will be. Then, a person can start to paint the car.

Depending on the area that is to be covered, several cans of paint will be needed. It is best to have extra available so that the project can be completed all at the same time. One car can be done with approximately six to twelve cans of paint.

Spraying should be done evenly and it is important to not cover the material with too much paint. Doing multiple, light coats is best. This will give the best possible coverage. Between coats, wait approximately twenty minutes then reapply.

When painting car interior, the can should be held upright and even coats applied. The nozzle needs to remain clean to provide the best possible coverage.

Once the painting is done, there is nothing special that is needed in regards to drying or curing. The paint simply needs to air dry for approximately three days. There is no need for the addition of heat or any extra chemicals to cure the paint.

Simply Spray paint is a simple and inexpensive way to update or change the look of a vehicle interior. In a few, simple steps a car can look new again.

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