You can makeover your house furnishings, personal attire and accessories with Simply Spray textile paints They are harmless, non-flammable and completely odorless. No matter if you want to make a small change or completely redo an item, these fabric spray paints will accomplish it all. Each of these kinds of water-based fabric paints are made in the USA, kid-safe, biodegradable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Kinds of Fabric Paints Available

All of the different types of Simply Spray fabric paints are available at many online
stores. The uses for them are endless, and there is a specific paint for every project.

Fabric Paint
Glow In the Dark
Leather Cote
Paint It Black
Project Paint
Puff Paint
Soft Fabric Paint
Spray Blood
Stencil Spray
Vinyl Cote

Fabric Paint Projects

There are many ways to use textile paints. They can be used for all kinds of endeavors, such as celebrations, holiday fabrics, seasonal decorations, kid’s room ideas and so much more.

Just to name a few…

Halloween glow in the dark costumes and decorations
Spray blood paint for scary costumes for parties
Holiday bath and dish towels
Christmas decorations and ornaments
Thanksgiving tablecloths and placemats
All kinds of Easter décor
Throw pillows for beds, couches and chairs
Chair, couch and lawn chair cushions
Creative bedspreads for bedrooms and guestrooms
T-shirts for every occasion
Kids project paint for all kinds of crafts
His and her pillow cases
Fashionable designer belts and scarfs

Simply Spray presents textile paints for every purpose, including redecorating, renewing and all kinds of craft projects. The fabric paints come in an array of colors to match all of your household décor or to coordinate perfectly with your wardrobe. Best of all, fabric paints make crafting, redecorating and adding bling to your fashionable accessories - lots of fun!