How to Revive The Original Color on a Faded Leather Sofa

Leather adds a beautiful touch to any décor, in particular when used to upholster furniture. Many select this versatile upholstery material for its strength and flexibility, while others appreciate the fine texture and elegant appearance of leather furniture. Using a leather dye can greatly enhance this beautiful material. Here, we explore some of the basics of dyeing leather and examine one of the best leather dye products on the market today.

Before dyeing leather, you should consider the final color of your furniture, which will depend in part on the process used to tan the leather. Different tanning processes result in distinct leather colors, which in turn affect the dyed color of any leather. One of the lightest leathers is aldehyde tanned, or wet white, leather. As its name suggests, leather tanned using this process is typically cream or white in color, offering a great background for any number of dye colors. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have “wet blue” hides that have been tanned with minerals. The use of chromium causes leather tanned using this process to appear grey or blue in color. Charcoal grey leather dye would work wonders on mineral tanned leather to bring out the natural hue. Perhaps the most common tanning technique, vegetable tanning results in a lovely light beige color. This light beige color would benefit from a camel or brown leather dye to enhance this already gorgeous color.

After deciding what type of leather you prefer, the next step is to select a leather dye. One of the best products on the market today is Simply Spray Leather Dye. Available in a variety of colors, ranging from black and charcoal grey to camel and brown, Simply Spray takes the trouble out of dyeing leather. With their patented Clear Cote primer, any leather dyeing project is sure to be a success!

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