Navy Blue Upholstery Fabric Paint – And It’s Uses

Upholstery fabric paint is “all the rage” when it comes to bringing fabrics and furniture pieces that have seen their day back to life. Navy blue is a color that works well with other blues and with complementary colors, such as yellow, red and orange. Imagine transforming something old into a new piece, just with fabric paint. Painting upholstery and fabrics with this nontoxic paint is an environmentally friendly way to make an aesthetic change to something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

A Favorite Chair

Transform that heirloom chair or your favorite chair into a new one with the navy blue upholstery fabric paint. For fabrics not frayed or torn, the fabric paint will hide any stains or blemishes on the fabric and make it more durable than before.

A Tote Bag

Use the fabric paint to transform an old canvas bag into a new one. The transformed navy blue tote makes a cute carry-along bag for school, work, shopping or a day at the beach. Simply Spray’s navy blue upholstery paint is a smart way to make that old, faded bag look new again.

Canvas Shoes

Those canvas shoes you wear in the summer that fit so well could use a coat of navy blue fabric paint to make them look new again. The paint is an easy way to extend the life of your shoes. And who would have thought that a can of spray paint would save you a trip to the shoe store!

Decorative Wall Panel

Wall art transforms a bare wall into a decorative show piece. With the navy blue fabric paint, you can paint a canvas navy blue, or paint designs on it with a contrasting colored background. This is an instant way to create wall art that adds character and interest to your home.

Floor Covering

Use the Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint to change the color of a mat or small accent rug or a small area rug. You can paint the entire floor covering or create a stenciled look with stencil designs sprayed onto the rug. The fabric paint offers several budget friendly ways to transform your home’s decor and your wearable accessories into something new.

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