What Is The Best Way To Dye Faded Fabric Chairs

Chairs that sit in sunny spots may be susceptible to fading with the years. Fabrics may show variations in color with exposure to UV rays while original colors are intact where they have been protected. Reupholstering is often an expensive process and one that only a professional can perform. The answer may be to dye faded chairs that are in good shape but could use a little pick-me-up in appearance.

Simply Spray’s upholstery paint can drastically change the look of fabrics. In a convenient spray can, it is easy to apply and is almost odorless. Once completely dry, usually after about 72 hours, it leaves the fabric flexible and will not rub off on clothing. The finish is non-toxic, which makes it ideal for use on furnishings in homes with younger children and pets. Just about any material type will work as long as it is absorbent and not waterproof. Available in an array of fashionable and classic colors, the spray may require additional coats, with a few minutes’ drying time in between, to accomplish a new look. Original fabrics on chairs that are lighter, have no distinctive patterns and are relatively stain free are the best candidates for updating.

While other options exist for refurbishing fabrics on chairs, this is an easy and fast method that also eliminates mixing and measuring. If cushions are removable, they should be placed on an old sheet to catch overspray. Working in place with fixed upholstery is also simple. Just cover surrounding areas and protect exposed wood or metal parts. When spraying, plan to use the entire can in one session. Make clean, smooth sweeps across surfaces in light strokes.

Before attempting to dye faded chairs, always start in an obscure area to test Simply Spray. It may also help to practice on a fabric swatch first to get a feel for the process.

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