Patio furniture takes a beating from the sun. The bright colors that drew you to a certain piece will quickly fade under the intense rays of the sun, leaving you with cushions that are bland, boring and tired. You could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new cushions, but they may not be as comfortable and they probably won’t fit as well. A better option is to revive your patio with spray paint for outdoor furniture.

Available in several colors, you can transform the look of your outdoor furniture. Update soft fabrics like cotton or canvas with different shades of red, blue, green, brown or even purple. Whether you want a lovely camel or a deep plum, you can restore the beauty of your cushions with a simple can of paint. The fabric will remain soft and supple while the color looks brand new and impressive. For the best results, choose a color that is darker than the existing colors on your furniture.

While soft fabrics have the most color choices available, you can also change the look of your vinyl and waterproof pieces. Update the color and freshen the look with colors like charcoal gray, black or camel. Our paint will coat the surface, brighten the finish and transform the color without rubbing off. Non-toxic and non-flammable, it’s ideal for use on furniture that is used near fireplaces. It even has UV protectants built in, so your color will last longer.

One of the greatest benefits of spray paint for outdoor furniture is that you can count on the cushions looking like new and fitting perfectly. Replacement cushions are costly, and they never look as nice as the originals. However, cans of fabric paint are affordable and ideal for transforming your furniture and making it attractive once again.