Can I Spray My Outdoor Awning With Simply Spray Upholstery or Vinyl Paint?

Over time, the fabric coverings on your awnings and outdoor furniture can take a beating from the weather and sun exposure. Faded colors easily make the pieces look worn, even though the “bones” of the furniture is still in good condition. Traditionally, the only options were to have the awning or furniture recovered or to toss them in the trash. But if the pieces only need a fabric facelift, spare the landfill of extra garbage and rejuvenate your furniture with outdoor furniture fabric spray.

The Fabric Paint

Spraying on a new look is certainly a more time-saving and appealing fix than recovering the old awning or furniture or purchasing them new. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint can be used on any absorbent material to which the paint binds well and will not crack or fade when dry. The paint’s added UV protection prevents it from fading, so you can expect the finish to last a long time.

Colors Choices for Your Awning and Furniture

Imagine giving your awning or quality outdoor furniture a new look with just a coat of the Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint. Select the same color to enhance its appearance, or change the color of your outdoor furniture to complement a new decorative theme.

The available colors include black, charcoal grey, navy, Caribbean blue, periwinkle, plum, lavender, burgundy, bright red, burnt orange, saddle brown, camel, hunter green and sage green.

Each can of paint contain 8 ounces of paint. One can covers one chair; and two to three cans will cover a lounge chair. Estimate how many cans you need to cover all of your outdoor furniture before ordering the paint.

Vinyl Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor vinyl furniture is quite durable, but even they take a beaten from the intense heat of the sun. If your vinyl furniture needs a facelift, consider using Simply Spray’s Vinyl Cote. Vinyl Cote is a spray dye with UV protection. Applied in a two-step process, Vinyl Cote permanently adheres to the vinyl surface. First apply a layer of Vinyl Clear Cote, and then spray on the colored vinyl spray. Available colors include black, charcoal grey and camel.

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