Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint Fix Your Old House Carpets

If you were fixing old carpets with fabric paint and have a little extra in the bottle, should you throw it away? These days, everyone wants to save money and the idea of ‘waste not want not’ comes to mind when you are deciding what to do with the mostly empty bottle of upholstery fabric paint. Thankfully, there are five simple ideas that utilize the last drops of your fabric spray paint.

These suggestions can be used with items that you already have around the house that bring the colors from one room into other areas of the home. All you need is the remaining fabric spray paint from fixing your old carpets, a stencil, and extra paper to prevent over-spraying where you do not want paint.

Tip: In addition to testing the fabric paint on the fabric itself, be sure to spray a test sample on plain paper before using a stencil

Spray paint fabric blinds with a stencil: Do you have plain fabric blinds as a window treatment? While these serve a function, adding your favorite stencil with fabric paint is a solution to give a room a makeover without spending extra money.

Transform an outdoor rug: After you are finished fixing old carpets with fabric paint, think about your old rug on the front porch or in the bathroom. Before you throw it away, consider cleaning it up and spraying it with fabric paint.

Pillow applique: Would you like to have pillows that tie in the room? Fixing an old carpet with fabric paint could be a good way to revitalize the old cushions on the sofa at the same time. Again, use a stencil and plenty of extra paper to ensure you do not over spray the fabric paint on unintended surfaces.

Personalizing the kitchen If you can find or make a stencil based on your kitchen theme, it can be applied to any fabric surface in the kitchen. This means that good candidates are kitchen towels, potholders, aprons, and curtains.

Labeling kids clothes: When children change clothes away from home, it is important that the dirty ones eventually make it back to their closets. Depending on the garment, fabric paints are a great way to label a child’s clothes. To get started, turn the clothes inside out, do a test sample, and let it dry.

You may find that fixing old carpets with fabric paint is also a good way to add a child’s initials to their clothes — and save money on replacing their jackets every winter.

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