My family raised me with a sense of pride. So you can imagine, the idea of spray painting the fabric in my car had only occurred to me in my nightmares.

I just wanted my car’s interior fabric to have that fresh, new, vibrant look my buddy’s car always had. It seemed like he reupholstered his car every six months, and every time I asked him how on earth he could afford that, he just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly at me.

I figured he was just trying to save my pride. He knew I wasn’t making as much money as I’d like and couldn’t keep my car looking as off the lot new as I’d like.

But you know what, whether he was stealing the fabric out of junkyards or had stumbled onto some successful Ponzi scheme to supplement his income, I had to know.

And finally, he broke down and told me.

The fabric wasn’t new. It was Spray it New.

How had he gotten the fabric to look so fresh and vibrantly colored if it wasn’t new? This obviously wasn’t a simple cleaning job he’d had done. It wasn’t just that the dirt and stains were gone. The color really popped.

He told me he had found Spray it New and used it to reenergize the color of his car’s upholstery. I was shocked. Wouldn’t it fade? Wouldn’t it wash away? And not just that, something that stained that powerfully – wouldn’t it stain his clothes?

Not even, he said. And then he revealed the big shocker to me – every time I’d ever seen him with new upholstery in his car… it had been Spray it New to the rescue.

Well, that did it for me. I stocked up on the color my car’s upholstery used to be and went to work.

Now, about every six months, when our friends ask how we can afford to buy new upholstery so often, me and my buddy just smile and shrug.