My wife and I bought a brand new (to us) car just over two years ago. It was used, so of course we expected some wear and tear to show on the interior in general and the upholstery in particular. We were right.

The upholstery in our used car was simple soft fabric that had seen its share of unintended use. We’re guessing the previous owners liked to eat out a lot but chronically forgot to ask for napkins. And really, what’s a driver to do when he’s got Arby’s sauce rolling down his chin towards his t-shirt except bend down quickly and wipe his lips on the passenger seat’s upholstery?

I kid, but it’s true. The number of stains stretched across the upholstery was just about enough to wonder what the original color had ever been.

But you know, we just accepted this as part of the price of owning a vehicle we could afford.

Would you believe we were wrong?

We discovered Spray It New and now not only does each seat’s upholstery look brand new, not only do they all match, but if we ever forget to ask for napkins and there’s barbecue sauce rolling down our chin’s… we’re not completely up the creek.

The best part was that because we were basically picking the color we wanted for our seat upholstery, we could pick our favorite from any of Spray it New’s many fabric repair colors. That was the hardest decision to make! We ended up choosing the Lavender color.

Another blogger has mentioned how easy it was to paint the seats once they discovered how to take the seats out of the car and paint them on a drop cloth and I can’t tell you what a great tip that is.

From one very happy new (to us!) car owner, give yourself the gift of new looking interior upholstery with Spray it New!