Couches, chairs, sofas and any other item covered with upholstery fabric can safely and easily be sprayed to a different color by using spray-on fabric paint. It is non-toxic, safe to use around children and pets and will leave furniture with a soft surface. And it will not rub off on clothing. Any type of furniture can be given a brand new look and be beautifully rejuvenated by choosing a pretty shade of fabric paint.

Upholstery paint is recommended for use in a shade that is darker than the original color for the best results. It can even be used in the interiors of cars, boats or RV’s to make their interiors look new again. Bring a dull looking sofa or chair back to new life by simply using spray-on fabric and upholstery paint. Let your creativity shine in the color you choose and in the unique look that only you can bring to your furniture by spray painting it!

Now bargain priced furniture can be given a whole new lease on life and can save hundreds of dollars over expensive brand new furniture. Why invest in brand new furniture when bargain priced furniture can simply be spray painted to make it look new again? Match pieces perfectly that didn’t match before without having to spend a lot on a matching set.

Using spray-on upholstery and fabric paint is fun and easy to do by following a few simple steps. It makes a fantastically creative craft project for a weekend and the result is a new looking living room or any room the furniture will be used in. Furniture will look new again and only you will know how inexpensive and fun it was to create that new look. Have fun, save money and have a brand new set of furniture for just a fraction of the cost by rejuvenating it with fabric paint.