Champagne Makeover on a Milk-Money Budget!

Have budget limitations put a damper on your plans to upgrade your space? Is new furniture out of the picture for now? You’re in good company! Many of us have put off making the home decor changes we’d like due to the expense involved, however; big changes are more affordable than you may think! Room decor is all about COLOR! Walls, furniture, and accessories are all fair game for a color makeover! A main components of any room is the furniture. Let’s take the livingroom for example. Let’s say you have a light blue sofa and loveseat set that screams 1985 at you day in and day out. You’re not willing to go into debt for new furniture and,despite the color, this set of furniture is well made and comfortable! You’ll never bring your room up to date with the set in it’s current state, so why not paint them? Yes,that’s right, I said PAINT them! As long as you paint the set a darker color than what it currently is, Spray It New fabric paint could be your answer! Spray It New fabric paint can be used on any absorbent material with no worries about making fabric feel stiff or having color come off on clothing. If you follow the product instructions correctly, your furniture can be a real asset to your new color scheme instead of the eyesore that it was! You may be surprised at the variety of Spray it New fabric paint colors that are available. Choosing a neutral shade for your sofa and loveseat will make it easy for you to choose colorful accents and accessories that will ‘pop’ against a neutral background. Feeling more adventurous? Lavender stands out when paired with browns and greens…..lavender sofa anyone? Spray It New fabric paint is an option that won’t break the bank, but may very well break up the monotony!

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