I’m not alone in my lifelong desire to live the good life. That means a nice house, a nice wife, a nice family, a nice set of golf clubs, and maybe I’m asking for too much, but a nice boat would just complete the picture perfectly for me. I wanted the kind of boat I could show off to my friends, take my family out on Sunday swim outings, and maybe even take my wife away for a private anniversary getaway.

So I worked hard and put enough money back to check out local Craigslist ads and pick up a nice used boat for my family to take out on the lake.

I found the boat. Not so much the nice.

It floated. And the motor worked. And the sail was in one piece. But the boat had definitely seen its share of days out in the sun.

Everything from the cushions ondeck to the chairs down below had been badly bleached by the sun. They were discolored in some spots, and completely uncolored in others.

Were my dreams of showing off my boat to my friends over? Would I have to endure vitiligo jokes made at my boat’s expense? Would I be better off taking my wife to Waterworld than putting her on my ivory bleached boat cushions?

No! Not once I discovered Spray it New!

Those ondeck cushions that looked like someone had tried to cover up the stains with whiteout? Those below deck chairs that you wondered had they started off red and been left in the sun too long… or had they been white and someone had soaked them in grape juice?

Problem solved. Spray it New had colors for every fabric surface that needed touching up or outright recoloring. The repair was perfect. After hearing so many of my friend’s ask me why I splurged on new fabric across the board, I couldn’t be happier.