Clean carpet color on the way!

Like any fair minded man who’s been brave enough to have carpet in a house with kids, I understood that stains were on the way. The only way to avoid that would be making my kids eat outside all the time. Which crossed my mind. We’d just call it a picnic!

So obviously in no time there were juice stains, jelly stains, spaghetti stains, spit up stains, mud stains… and those were just from me. You don’t want to know what my kids got on the carpet.

There’s only so much cleaning you can do to fabric before it starts to appear pretty discolored. One misapplication of bleach and, well, suddenly your carpet looks like a dalmatian. But what to do?

I couldn’t just buy new carpet. For one, that’s just too expensive, and two, not that I agree with the rationale that there’s no point in cleaning something that’s just going to get dirty again, but come on. This isn’t a question of commitment. This is an IQ test at its most subtle.

Thank the stars I found Spray it New! Not only could I forget about feeling like a slouch whenever I invited people over and saw the expression of outright horror on their faces at the sight of my carpet – and believe me, if you saw some of their homes, you’d understand just how bad my carpet had become – but thanks to all the stencil options Spray it New offers, I could treat my kids to some awesome design ideas. We’re even looking for ways to create our own stencils so we can be the first family on the block to have dinosaur patterned carpet. Then there will be a look of horror on our guests’ faces… but only because they realize they’re walking across a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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