There is no easier way to transform outdated and dull furniture into sophisticated and glamorous décor than painting it black. With a quick spray-on coat of black upholstery fabric paint you can achieve a contemporary look in about 30 minutes. Black, whether used in small accents or as a bold focal point, adds instant chicness to any existing design. As a neutral shade it seamlessly fits into every color scheme and works to enhance it. Modern black furniture sells for top dollar so why not revive your present furniture for a tiny fraction of the cost by spraying it new with Simply Spray black upholstery fabric paint?

Any absorbent piece of furniture or décor can be revitalized with Simply Spray paint. Sofas, carpets, car seats, lampshades, cushions, patio umbrellas, and more all have the potential for a glamorous black makeover. Black upholstery fabric paint works on both indoor and outdoor furniture. Because it does not have the strong chemical odor that most other paints give off, Simply Spray paint is safe to use inside of your home or car. It is both nontoxic and nonflammable so you do not have to worry about using it around pets or children. Needing only 30 minutes to dry, your furniture will be ready to use again in no time!

Simply Spray fabric paint is formulated for stain and UV protection to ensure your newly redecorated furniture and décor will stay looking great. For only a few dollars, minimal effort, and little time, you can have classically sophisticated black furnishings that will not fade or break the bank. Black always has been and always will be in style. Give your home, inside or outside, that touch of glam with a coat of chic black paint. Get the top of the line designer style without paying top of the line designer prices by simply spraying your furniture new.