Faded Furniture? Try Simply Spray!

How long have you been looking at your fading furniture, be it your couch, chairs or even your rug, and longed for something new and colorful to take its place? For some people, it’s easy to pluck down the cash (or credit) for shiny new furniture; for most of us, it’s a faraway thought as we lazy on the loveseat longing for the food and pet stains to disappear.

Luckily, a new product is on the market that gives new meaning to replacing your fading furniture. Simply Spray is an innovative upholstery fabric spray that literally transforms your old pieces into new. While it may look like a can of spray paint, Simply Spray is made to use on the fabric pieces in your home.

Best used to change lighter fabrics into darker colors, Simply Spray can transform your couches, chairs, lampshades, pillows, rugs and carpets – anything made of an absorbent material. Featured on The Today Show, Simply Spray is an inexpensive way to update your place with the new color trends you see in magazines and online. Non-flammable, fume-free and safe for kids and pets, this quick-drying spray can turn your fading furniture and home accessories into bursting pops of color: orange, periwinkle, green, plum, red and more!

Using Simply Spray is a fun way to update your place, especially for those renters who don’t have the ability to paint walls and purchase their own carpet. Cheaper than buying new furniture, it is a fun way to play with color that gives quick results. Simply Spray is a great way to not only update and add spunk to your place, but to cover up the stains and wear that old, fading furniture hold on to.

Take on a new home project with Simply Spray and add some color to your life and some life to your furniture!

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