Taking Carpets from Blah to Beautiful

After years of being stomped on by muddy feet, rolled on by children who just played outdoors and pranced upon by litter ridden kitty feet, your carpet has taken a substantial beating throughout the years. However, maybe it has some deep sentimental value, or perhaps you just cannot afford a new carpet at this time. Instead of giving up, try Simply Spray carpet paint.
Available in a variety of colors to fit the carpet style, whether it’s bold and modern or charming and classic, this carpet spray dries approximately 72 hours after application. Simply gate off the area for a few days so that no one walks on your work of art, and return to a beautiful new carpet. Even better? Spray on the paint, leave for a three day long vacation and come home to a room that looks as though it was entirely redone.
Even when you and your family members walk over the carpet, the carpet paint will not fade, as it is permanent. Remember though, you must thoroughly cover any couches, fabric and other materials in the surrounding area, or they’ll wind up matching your new carpet! Generally, these sprays need to be used to turn a lighter color into a darker color because of the way the paint works. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to take a beach living room with a light blue carpet into a more romantic space with a deep burgundy or a bold red shade. By changing the color of the carpet, you’re changing the entire feeling of the room. You can even change the color of a large throw rug and put it into another room to match. Simply Spray carpet paint allows so many possibilities for dressing up that old carpet that has been haunting you for months.

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