The Usefulness of Fabric Paints

Patio and outdoor furniture fade over time, and they can make for beautiful features to a home’s front or back porch. The sunnier the climate, the more useful your patio furniture, BUT sunlight also damages and fades upholstery. Some people do not mind faded outdoor furniture and others mind it so much that they throw the faded furniture out and replace them with new ones! This behavior can fall into a vicious and either ugly or costly tailspin. It should be avoided.

Instead of suffering this fate, someone with faded and sun-damaged outdoor furniture can use Spray It New’s ‘Simply Spray’ spray-on fabric paints which to restore the color, or even change it under the right conditions–if the fabric is faded enough or already lighter than the new color, then using a different colored can of Simply Spray fabric paint is all that you need to change a piece of furniture’s color! Simply Spray is a tough, sun and water damage resistant upholstery paint, well suited to this task. The fabric paint itself comes in 8oz spray cans, which is enough to completely cover a smaller armchair, or the fabric of three desk chairs for instance.

Fabric spray paint is not only useful for outdoor furniture, either! It can also be used to restore or recolor umbrellas, awnings, and other fabric covers. All three are subject to serious sun bleaching, and the slightly acidic rain encountered in cities and industrial areas can fade an umbrella or awning fairly quickly. Restoring color to faded covers with fabric spray paints is much easier and less expensive than replacing them, and changing the colors of one umbrella rather than owning several is an extremely cost and space effective way to stay stylish. Please be aware, however, that this is a water-based paint so the fabric being treated MUST be able to absorb water.

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