Best Paint for Fabric Stencils

Using stencils can add a look of professionalism to any project. From wedding backdrops to Halloween costumes and everything in between dealing with fabric, painting fabric with specialty spray paints such as Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint can produce stunning results for your stencil projects. From bold, rich colors to softer tones, you can create the most professional looking fabric stencils with these tips.


Sometimes we envision a project to look one way yet it turns out differently. Sometimes the latter is better. However, the worst that can happen is a last-minute disaster due to lack of preparation. Preparation requires envisioning a project, researching it in order to create it accordingly, and gathering all necessary and proper materials to bring it to life. Proper materials include selecting the best type of paint for your fabric stencils. While you may choose to experiment with spray paint, it best to choose a brand that is non toxic, doesn’t require heat setting, washes off the hands/arms easily and doesn’t harden the fabric.


Painting, in any form, can be messy, even with stencils. Practicing with fabric spray is highly recommended to save time (and money, due to wasting materials) when it comes to creating the real project. With practice you can control the flow of the spray and distribute the fabric paint as evenly as possible.


Having a partner in your fabric stenciling projects can make it all the more fun. Not only are two heads better than one creatively, but having a second set of eyes to find missed details or minor errors can help result in a better project than originally envisioned.


Some of the best projects come about from repurposing old or damaged items such as stained fabrics. Instead of tossing out a stained chair, spray it new with fabric paint. Stencil a fancy font fabric letter on to an ottoman to make it elegant. Or, stencil a pretty pattern on to a boring chair. Before you toss fabric-based furniture and decor you consider outdated or ruined, revive and spray it new with fabric paint.

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