Fabric paint is a great way to rejuvenate old items around the house. Over time, many favorite items such as t-shirts, chairs and couches can eventually become worn out and faded. While they may be discolored, they are still useful around the home. In these instances, using upholstery fabric paint is an excellent option for bringing these objects back to life. Before a person begins to use fabric paint, there are a few simple tips that can guarantee that they will get the best results.

First, it is important to remember that using upholstery fabric paint works best when the object is currently lighter than the color that it will be sprayed. This helps to ensure better coverage with the new color. Additionally, fabric spray also works best when the shade of the color is simply being lightened. Trying to change to a completely different color will require some extra care.

Once an item has been colored with upholstery fabric paint, it is important to make sure that extra care is taken when washing them for the first several times. First, clothing and other materials should be allowed to set for at least 72 hours. This allows for the fabric paint to fully adhere to the material. After this time, the item can then be washed and dried according to its regular directions. However, it is important to never use fabric softener on any item that has been treated with upholstery fabric paint as this can lead to fading. Additionally, dry cleaning should be avoided.

Taking care of an item that has been sprayed with upholstery fabric paint is an important part of making the new look last as long as possible. By making sure to select a color that is darker than the original shade and ensuring that the item is laundered properly, an object that has been enhanced by the colorful magic of upholstery fabric spray will continue to radiate with its new hue.